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Ideas to make a rap song.

Posted by ZombieGhost - February 28th, 2024

Here is few ideas about what I want to focus on in a rap song.

-The manhood-

My first idea is to adress the common consensus that most men are not important.

The fact that suicide rate is high in the male side and our gender is misunderstood.

Few things about the misunderstandment, is like having large muscles and a great size

in the pants.. Always being mean and dominant.. Etc..

Which is not really the case.

Because most men only need to be intelligent and selective at what they want to be in life.

That means being true to yourself, being confident and assertive. To the most part.

-9 to 5-

Second idea is to talk about the work field, what really is a soul crushing job and

the aspect of losing your time for little money.

Because it is a thing, I had a job back then and I tell ya. Life is hard at work.

Nobody can be themselve at the office or the garage.. Another common consensus

is we are numbers and not individuals.

You cannot adress many opinion at work.

And that's that.

-Gender Control-

Yeah, this one idea is about the factor of this current era.

Women are taking the spotlight in the world, men are looking as tools rather than humans.

Science is trying to indoctrinate the mass to because something else in the gender idealogy.

Femininity is embraced, and masculinity in the mainstream media is called toxic..?

My main idea about this is, to not go in that road..

That we are all humans, in fact and this indoctrination of the mass is wrong.

But also, women aren't the problem.

It's the people who control society that are the enemy.

This gender control need to stop and I figure this might be a subject

to look at in rap.

-Women Power-

Yeah, as said before women are taking the spotlight.

But I doubt it will make the world better by making movies

with strong and slow-witted female representations

in the script.

They should make movies and series with intellectual

women, who are smart and emotionaly balanced.

Not like She-Hulk, Captain Marvel and the rest follow in that mentality..

America has a thing for idiots. Sadly it will probably

stay like that for a time in hollywood.

I dunno if rapping about that will do much, but this is just

an idea and my little opinion.

-Free Speech-

This one might be the best to look at.

Most of the world is controlled by an organization that prevent people from expressing their true thoughs.

They encourage the individual to lie and get punishment from it after being revealed as frauds.

And I think that need to be adressed too.

Youtube, Twitter and mainly facebook don't like free speech.

They have their shitty guidelines, that they do not respect themselves and have an iron fist over

the world.. Secretly of course.

I think that might be the cake of the social world to adress in a rap song.

Also I'm kinda tired to see morons talk about money, fame and sex in their songs.

Rap was made to express the truth and not the desires of foolish dreams that society

indulge with these days.

Money, fame and sex.

These three things are little to make good change over the world..

It only bring chaos and nothing to achieve beside temporary pleasure and so on.

My idea about a Free Speech song would be to focalise on what really

have major impact over the human race.

What could go right in the world and to not over look the wrong in our present

time. Because ignorance is the birth of evil.

-No money-

Imagine a world without money. That focus on effort over cash.

Wouldn't that make people more effecient in the world?

Like you have food, shelter and a good social group that can provide help at the low point in your life?

I mean that's an utopic view of what I think of the future.

But overall that. Isn't what we need as a society?

The poor no longer are poor and the rich can fuck off.

Because they mostly leech on the misery of the whole humanity.

This is a contreversial idea, but it is what it is.

Majority of the rich don't help the poor, yeah they give like 10 percent of their money.

To make the poor shut up, but isn't it unfair to exist with people who can buy

nice shoes and clothing while you barely have cash to feed yourself with?

I mean, money was created to cause misery..

The bank conterfeit money anytime, and the small group cash billions or even

trillions while the mass die with debt.

So if we turn the economy to zero, and task the world to go back to the basic

of survival skills. I'm sure the world will be smarter than now.

School don't teach you survival basic skills by the way.

You need to pay more to get that..

The elite does of course.

-Talent & Power-

Alot of people have some talents.

Little have power to get the success with that talent.

It's a secret I discovered in retrospective.

So this song will talk about people over the time, what the most ignored human beings are good

at but nobody glance an eye on them.


Anyway, that's pretty much what I think I could work with in my free time.

Most of these idea are there for me to read in the future.

If anyone want to collab or comment here. Just go ahead.

I am open to feedback, suggestions and positive critisism of course.



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